We specialise in global C-Suite to Board level recruitment across all species

We utilise research-backed methodologies that are designed to suit each recruitment partnership and project, and form bespoke partnerships based on our expertise and using creative, thorough, successful processes. This is all based upon a company ethos that places great value on transparency, respect, integrity, and trust.

It’s very easy to say how good and successful we are, but our retention statistics does that for us and shows the depth of recruitment solutions that we provide and the relationships that we build: It stands at 100% for the last 5 years for candidates placed remaining within the company after one year, 89% for two years, with 64% of those candidates being promoted. That’s because we take the time to not only understand your business, but most importantly, your culture.


What sets us apart from others?

We have sector-experience and sector-expertise, but we feel that it is our mindset that gives us the edge. We see ourselves as recruitment consultants, not a recruitment agency. The key word there is ‘consultant’, as it ensures that we involve you in all steps of the recruitment process and take the time to find out about you as a person or a company.

At Clear Executive Search Ltd, we provide expert advice, support, and consultancy – we are about the whole package, not quick fixes. Building positive working relationships are integral to what we do and are a major factor in why we are so successful and why you receive the expert, personable recruitment service that you want, need, and deserve.

What our clients say

I highly recommend Alex as an exceptional executive search consultant. Alex is truly a pearl in the sea of talent acquisition with her extensive industry knowledge of agriculture, animal nutrition and animal health and her unrivalled expertise.

Alex’s commitment to understanding the needs of both clients and candidates differentiates her from all others. She goes above and beyond to ensure that every placement is perfect, making her a valuable asset to any organisation seeking top-notch talent.

In addition to her expertise, Alex is also a great pleasure to work with. Her warm demeanour and genuine interest in people shine through in every interaction. I have no doubt that anyone who has the opportunity to work with Alex will be impressed by her expertise and professionalism and delighted by her kindness and personality.

Nico A Stein
Corporate & Divisional Managment

I highly appreciate Alexandra’s approach: she really took time to get to know our company and culture, as well as understand our goals and strategy, in order to connect us to the right candidates. She has placed several people with us, fulfilling technical and commercial roles, all to the greatest satisfaction. I am very pleased with the personal connection I have built with her, and she is the go-to search firm whenever we have a more senior position to fill.

Tim Lemeer
Global Vice President Animal Nutrition at Barentz

Alex has conducted three searches for Ocean Harvest Technology over the past 14 months, two of them global searches and one in the US. We have been thrilled with the outcomes of these searches. In each case Alex has invested a huge amount of time in understanding us, what we want from the role, mapping the candidates, diligencing the individuals and ensuring the shortlist was full of people who would be a very good match for us. As a result we found ourselves in the position of having to choose from several very strong candidates each time. I highly recommend Alex. She has extensive experience and contacts in animal nutrition and she takes personal accountability for each search. I have seen the amount of time she invests in searching for and vetting candidates which is beyond what I have seen from other search firms.

Mark Williams

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Alex before. What makes Alex out from normal recruiters is that she takes the time to listen and learn what is important to me and what I need from the role I was aiming for. My aim was to find a suitable role with a company that fit the profile of the employer (both Culture and Growth) I wanted to work with. Alex has a proactive approach to keeping me updated throughout the process and providing critical feedback. All I can add is that Alex`s passion for people stands out and I can only recommend working with her.

Jason Flint
National & Key Account Manager, Technical Sales and EMEA Export Manager.

Alex at Clear Executive Search helped us expertly through the recruitment process, from identifying good candidates to interviewing, onboarding and post-recruitment follow-up. She was very professional in her dealings with all stakeholders, including candidates and those involved within our business, and we finished up recruited an excellent colleague through a process that left the company satisfied and looking forward to working together again. I am happy to highly recommend Alex.

Hadden Graham
Chief Commercial Officer, Ocean Harvest Technology

In our first meeting Alex wanted to learn what was important to me and what type of role I was hoping to find. This approach stood out from my usual exchange with recruiters. I felt she genuinely wanted to help me to achieve my goal of finding a suitable role with a company that fit the profile of employer I wanted to work with. Alex was very proactive in updating me on the search process. Even after finding a role that seem a good fit, she was very helpful in supporting me throughout the negotiation stage. Her experience and insights were highly valuable. It’s great to have an experience and supportive professional assisting you when making such an important decision. Based on the excellent and professional service I received, I’m happy to recommend Alex Guy at Clear Executive Search.

Jason Sands
Technical Service Manager EMEA, Anitox Ltd

Alex was fantastic throughout the whole recruitment process. At the beginning she really took the time to understand my profile and experience to make sure i was a good fit for the role and then continued throughout the process with clear communication. She has a really personable style and approach which makes her a pleasure to work with!

Thanks a lot for your help, Alex!

Luke Barnard
Technical Application Specialist Poultry Cargill UK

Alex was really personable and made the recruitment process go as smoothly as possible, she always communicated the next steps very clearly, I could not recommend her highly enough.

Chris Burton
Technical Sales Manager Poultry Cargill UK

Alexandra is professional in every detail. Helpful personality exactly found solutions for every concern or doubt. Cooperation was a pleasure.

Maciej Bendlewski
Sales Manager Kemin East Europe

Alex was a pleasure to deal with, she was very professional and kept me fully in the loop during the recruitment process. Alex was a great help to me during the process and provided some excellent advice along the way to ensure a successful conclusion.

Ian Hutchinson Technical Director
Ocean Harvest Technologies

Her hi-class approach to person, smart questions, and ability to listen makes Alexandra a perfect person to talk about changes. I am very happy and honoured to work with her and strongly recommend to everybody who seeks new opportunities. 😃

Marek Rymanowski
Consultant at Anpario

I’ve known Alex for a number of years now and she has always kept me in the loop with opportunities which might interest me. Alex understood my motivation and skillset and more importantly which companies were a good cultural fit. We have spoken about a few high profiles roles and Alex has always been an advocate to get me in front of the right people with an eye on the bigger picture for career progression. Alex’s communication is spot on. When she says she is going to do something she does it and when it comes to negotiating the best deal for her clients, I certainly felt she was working hard for me. I cannot recommend Alex highly enough!

Adrian Patterson
Animal Nutrition at BarentzAnimal Nutrition

We are used to taking our time to publicly announce bad experiences (as bad reviews, etc.), always trying to aware our friends and strangers to not go through a bad path. But the opposite must be as often as the former: Also take our time to congratulate and publish good experiences.

As I complete a week in my new role, I would like to take a moment to congratulate a person that helped me achieve this role, Alexandra Guy. She is the needle in a haystack regarding global recruitment. All her process were a unique experience for me – in an absolutely good way!

Give her an opportunity, and you will know what I am saying. Thank you Alexandra Guy ! My family also thanks you!

Joao C. Eckhardt Jr
North America Sales Manager – Animal Nutrition
Ocean Harvest

Alexandra has good experience in the feed market for this reason our conversation passed very comfortably and clearly. Also, she was helpful and patient during the talk which gave me more chances to talk about myself. I’m happy to meet with her.

Volkan Unal – Country Manager
Kemin, Turkey

I would always recommend Alex Guy’s in first place as the best recruiter company leader and also as a person.
She has long experience and contacts in life sciences industries and in many others. Her expertise in finding the right person for managing positions of many multinational companies is outstanding.

Albert Perez Rigau
Global Technical Sales Manager
Barentz Iberia S.L.U

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Alexandra Guy during my recruiting assignment at Kemin. She has been a solid partner for Kemin (Europe, Middle East, North Africa) since several years.

Alex is not afraid of taking on a difficult search. She is a real professional, knows how to find the top candidates and convince them to apply. Her communication with both her client (myself) and the candidates, during the process, is excellent.

She is very knowledgeable about the global feed additives industry. She is doing a great job and able to fill vacancies quickly. I can only recommend working with her as she is going the extra mile regarding customer service and really has a great passion for her job.

Patricia Van Pottelbergh
Interim Human Resources Consultant

Alex is honest and clear about the things she want to discuss. Always very kindly and dealing with people on the right way, she treated me on a comfortable way. During the whole process, all my questions were answered quick and were honest. So all by all, working with Alexandra was good! Thanks for that.

Bob Van Der Rijt
New business development manager Anitox

Alexandra is a very professional talent acquisition specialist whom I had the pleasure of meeting. I would highly recommend Alexandra for successful recruitment projects!

Eric N’guetta
Product Manager Intestinal Health at Kemin Industries

I had the opportunity to interact with Alex, as part of the recruitment process for my current role at Anitox. She was always proactive, clear, and highly professional in her approach, and demonstrated proper company and industry knowledge. Alex is a great recruitment professional.

Jorge Trindade
Sales Director EMEA- Anitox. MBA, DVM.

Alex is meticulous in screening candidates as well as in providing details about prospective employer. She is reliable, trustworthy, efficient and very supportive. She tries and give you her best when possible and guides you all the way. I highly recommend her for companies looking to find the right candidates, and for candidates looking for the company that will suit them best. I don’t think anyone will ever feel shortchanged when dealing with her. Kudos Alex and keep up the good work! 👍🏼

Visiel Vasquez Tolentino
Head Of Strategic Marketing, Asia at AB Agri

I was contacted by Alexandra through LinkedIn messaging. She had an exciting new opening and she wanted to know if I would be interested in the position. I was not looking for a job, but accepted her invitation for a call. There is something special about Alexandra, she was able to instantly raise my interest by giving me technical details, and at the same time she made me feel so comfortable that I could relax and feel she really cared about me as a potential candidate. I have been contacted by other recruiters, but usually they have not done their homework, and there is not a good fit of candidate/position. With Alexandra it was the opposite experience, she targeted a few candidates that fitted well with her assignment, and she managed a very smooth recruiting process. I recommend Alexandra Guy if you need recruiting services in the very specialist animal health/nutrition market.

Julio Lopez Alvarado
Sales Manager, Kemin AquaScience

I would like to recommend Alexandra Guy. Alex working proactively and diligently, providing updates every step of the way. I felt fully supported and informed throughout the entire process. If you are looking for a reliable professional recruiter, who is both personable and caring, then I would suggest you contact Alex.

Robert Hamilton
Technical Sales Manager UK & Ireland at Kemin Animal Nutrition & Health | EMENA

I have the pleasure to work with Alex from the start of my career at Kemin. From the first day we met she has been an outstanding partner in our recruitment process. We share many success stories involving our hard to fill and niche commercial positions. She is my go-to person when I need assistance in expanding our pipeline.

Alex is a dedicated boss lady with passion and can-do attitude. She amazed me several times to deliver high quality candidates before spoken deadlines.
Next to that she exhibits empathy in the daily struggles of the corporate recruiter, but also motivates me with her direct follow-up communication whilst she keeps her candidate expectations at heart.

Her combination of people skills, market expertise in animal health and nutrition, and visionary thinking is sure to be a significant asset to whoever chooses to collaborate with her.

Lisa Jaegers
SAP SuccessFactors Consultant | Flexso for People

When it comes to attracting talents in the Animal Nutrition and Animal Health sectors, Alex really backs me up when I need. Alex has an amazing network of high caliber professionals. In my particular case, not having a dedicated internal talent search team, Alex is highly effective in supporting me from search to onboarding, with a very broad reach geographically and very diverse population of multicultural candidates, in sales, technical, regulatory, marketing and innovation. I can’t make a better recommendation than wishing you try for yourself to work with Alex.

Mauricio Varvella Vicente
Int’l One Health, Animal Welfare and Agribusiness Leader

Alexandra was great when we met during a recruitment process a year ago. Her relational kind, her ability to lead the process, creating trust, aligning perspectives and engaging others through remarkable selling skills, made things happen. I highly recommend Alexandra.

Ricardo Daura
Strategic Marketing & Business Growth at AB Agri

I went to Alex for help on a recommendation from a colleague, and how right he was!
From Day 1, she listened to me, understood what I was looking for, and set out to find it. A total reworking of my CV under her supervision made a huge difference to my position, and a new role was soon secured.
The whole experience gave me back my confidence, and as a result I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Richard Hortin
Regional Sales Manager at AGRILLOYD LIMITED

I have worked with Alex in recruiting talented staff for Cargill and I’ve known her for many years now. I find Alex to be very thorough, knowledgeable of the animal nutrition market and very professional, but at the same time, very friendly who takes the time to really understand our needs.

I find her to be very passionate about the industry and she attracts great talent. I would highly recommend her to any company looking to find that hidden gem for their business. Alex has an excellent network and understanding of potential candidates, finger on the pulse in an ever-changing industry.

Geoff Saville
Commercial Manager UK, Cargill