With our specialised focus on the animal nutrition sector, we excel in identifying top-tier talent and matching them with leading organisations worldwide.


We specialise in sourcing Animal Nutrition talent who possess deep expertise in formulating nutritional strategies, optimising feed formulations, and enhancing animal health and performance.

As a leading Animal Technical Feed Recruitment Company, we identify professionals who excel in developing innovative feed solutions, conducting nutritional research, and implementing cutting-edge technologies in animal feed production.

Our Executive Search services cater to companies seeking top-level executives and leaders who can drive strategic initiatives, foster innovation, and propel growth within organisations operating in the animal nutrition sector.

Your premier partner in executive recruitment for the dynamic field of animal nutrition.

Clear Executive Search also specialises in Executive Search for Animal Feed Additives, identifying executives skilled in developing, marketing, and commercialising animal feed additives that enhance feed quality, animal health, and production efficiency.

Our headhunting experience specialises in identifying and engaging high-calibre professionals with expertise in animal nutrition science, regulatory compliance, and product development across various animal species and industries.

We leverage our industry insights and network to conduct targeted searches for professionals specialising in animal feed additives, including enzymes, probiotics, antioxidants, and other nutritional supplements aimed at optimising animal diets and performance.

Partnering with technical feed additives companies, we recruit talented individuals with expertise in research and development, quality control, regulatory affairs, and technical support for innovative feed additive products.

At Clear Executive Search, we are committed to providing exceptional recruitment solutions tailored to the unique needs of the animal nutrition sector. Whether you are a company seeking top talent or a professional exploring new career opportunities, we invite you to partner with us for unparalleled expertise, service excellence, and industry insights. Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist you in achieving your goals in the dynamic field of animal nutrition.